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Who are your RP OTP's?


Au Vise:

Mr.Bx Officer/Harley/Cannibal Mariku

Canon Vise:


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"My, my!" exclaimed the old bat. Bandit was much less subtle than he usually was, charging about like a raging warhorse. He clapped his hands and laughed as he arrived.

"Well, you have me cornered, my friend," he said. "Woe is me! Poor sheep to the slaughter!… Except I’m not a damned sheep."

A blast of wind galloped through the chamber, and the old demon’s muscles twitched with added power. He dug his feet into the floor and braced himself, should the beast charge him.

His chaps twitched angrily, his head lowering while he  showed off those giant teeth. Just the sound of the other’s voice angered the beast even more and made it charge right towards the vampire with his jaws parted widely - ready to bite the other into two.

The ground shook underneath the beast’s weight and those massive paws thundering over the floor and leaving deep gushes from the giant claws that sliced even through stone.

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B a n d i t

She continued to watch him, seeing him turn and sniff around again, and the twitch of his ears when he seemed to hear voices in the distance. She could hear and smell them too, and quite easily. But there was concern. ❝Don’t hurt them without cause. There are peaceful demon villages here, too.❞ She spoke in wolf barks and growls again, looking sternly at him.

It was clear that at this rate, she’d have to put some form of strong leash on him. ❝Understood?❞

He gave her a snort as she warned him to not harm whatever was hiding behind those hills. He wouldn’t listen to her of course, for as far as he knew - he was the alpha and she was a by stander. A vixen that tagged along but was nothing more to him than that.

With a louder snort, he made his way down the hill, running through the tall grass towards that village. His hunger had been defeated for now but the urge to kill was something not even a hundred corpses would be able to soothe.

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[ amane-bakura ] Sitting on top of the roof, it wasn't a day or two the girl was already impatient from waiting, " I wonder whats wrong with Daddy Bandit." she sighed trying to sneak a peek at his window




It was early in the morning and Bandit was still in his bed, sleeping on ripped covers and dressed in his own torn jeans.  The room itself was a mess too as if there had been a fight but Bandit was sleeping like a baby.

 ” ZZ zzz  … “


Amane giggled and swallowed her fist bite. ” Yes! Big and strong like Daddy Bandit! “She said poking is biceps. ” Though I don’t want my arms to be really big like that ” She pouted and took another bite of her food.

" What are you going to do today though Daddy Bandit?"

He gave a low laugh and shook his head. “No, no. You won’t get arms like that unless you really try to. Don’t worry.” He took another bite of his food and before he could even take the next one he noticed that he had already finished his bread. He blinked at that realisation, blaming his nightly hunger for that. “Well, I was going to do some work around the bar today. Nothing special, really.”

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Bikes and Bruises



It was getting to be too much. Along with the obvious pain the fear he was feeling was sending his heart racing beyond anything healthy. He had to shut his eye to stop the pieces of garbage smacking him in the face from possibly completely blinding him, keeping his mouth clenched shut and hoping this ended soon. The sound of barking alerted him and he opened his eye just as one of the dogs snapped their jaws, catching and tearing the top of his hood.

He felt Bandit slowing down and his loathing for the other increased tenfold. As soon as this bike stopped he’d kill the bastard. When the bike took it’s jump the landing for him was less than graceful and very painful. If he hadn’t lifted his head he was sure it would have cracked open on the impact. At least that was the plan but as the ride continued Marik found himself less concerned about revenge and more concerned with surviving. 

When the bike finally stopped Marik barely noticed. His heart was still racing, his back bleeding with a pain that brought him back to that day in the tombs. He never wanted to relive that day, trying so hard to forget it.

                                                                ‘He dies.’


Marik rarely agreed with the voice in his head but this time he thought it was just on the mark. He felt himself being poked at and cracked his eye open. Blood was dipping from the corner of his mouth, a dirtied candy wrapper caught in his hood and his eye patch soaked with muddy water. He looked like hell and the pain had begun to numb in his ankles, something was definitely pulled if not broken. His eye slowly fixed on Bandit’s face.

"….You.. call…that a ride?" His voice was quiet, not because he feared to speak but simply because he had no energy. The rod warmed in his hands in his pocket. "..want.. my damn.. money back.." He was speaking nonsense but didn’t care, an overwhelming relief he wasn’t moving fogging up his brain.

"I call that teaching someone a lesson." He got back up as soon as he had made sure that the boy was still alive. Standing again, Bandit lit himself a cigarette and waited for him to bring out more words. Jokes - much to Bandit’s surprise. The kid could handle quite a lot if he was still joking after such a ride.

"If you manage to get up, shower and treat your wounds - you can make your own money in my garage." The Killer began before inhaling the toxic’s in the cigarette. He released them with a calm breath.

"Room 12’s unlocked. First aid kit’s beside the shower. You have an hour to get ready for your night shift." With that, he left, making his way back to the bar but stopped in the entrance to lean his head back out and point at the other.

"And if you touch my bike again without my permission, our next ride will go through the military base mine field." With that threat left hovering in the air he left. Now either the brat would leave like a bitch, throw a tantrum like a child or get up and work like a man. He’d see about that.

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Criminal Certification



Otogi stared at the bikes. He loved racing - cars, that is. He’d never been on a motor bike in his face. He eyed them up and down.

"Hate to break it to you, but it looks like I’m hitching a ride," he shrugged and sauntered over, sticking the gun in his holster, hidden in his jacket, and hopped on the back.

"On a completely unrelated note, I’m totally open to the possibility of you teaching me how to ride in the future," He kept his hands to himself, holding onto the sides rather than on to Bandit. 

"You ain’t the first to tell me that. I’m gonna teach you and in just a few weeks you gonna be driving down these streets yourself." He didn’t mind, cause practice meant he would just get another reason to drive his motorbike and he loved driving his bike.

As soon as Otogi was sitting and holding on to the seat, Bandit drove out of the garage which was going to be closed by someone in the bar. Within seconds they were driving on the street.

"To the little visit we’re gonna pay them, what I want is to get something out of there so I need someone to distract the guys while I’m in the back of the casino. Think you can do that?"

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* you have no freaking idea x_x ive even gotten tired of looking at the porn i saved years ago on this thing, played all the movies and games, ive even reorganized the living room for entertainment*

|[ Okay that sounds like hell indeed. Can’t believe someone can be that bored. But in the end I can kinda understand… ]|

* sucks like hell, then again might be overthinking it might be a few things left to do around here maybe make a dummy for halloween to drop from the tree and scare the kids shitless xD, next friday the net should be back on if nothing explodes by then, ka- boom lol*

|[ True, now you can focus on halloween stuff, heh. Makes sure to take plenty of pictures you can send when you got your internet back ]|

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* you have no freaking idea x_x ive even gotten tired of looking at the porn i saved years ago on this thing, played all the movies and games, ive even reorganized the living room for entertainment*

|[ Okay that sounds like hell indeed. Can’t believe someone can be that bored. But in the end I can kinda understand… ]|

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( This part of town was filled with shady characters of all shapes and sizes but they had never held much interest to her. Only one rumoured to call this shabby part of town his kingdom intrigued her. The King Killer. A master in the art of death and a being she often idolized for his kills. Finding him was damn near impossible without some low life trying to make her their victim so she had avoided searching. By pure chance she found him, standing in the alley staring at him with wide eyes.)



Bandit stared up at the sky, a bit lost in thoughts while he held a cigarette lazily between his lips. His hands buried in the pockets of his jeans. He stood still, calm and almost content. The only movement came from the smoke that danced into the darkening sky.

After a few moments, he rose his hand up to grasp the cig and moved it away so he could blow a thick cloud of smoke out into the sky. He was obviously thinking which seemed to be the reason for him not noticing her yet - little did she now. He had smelled her long before she moved around the corner…


(She raised her head as he began to speak, trembling at his words and watching as he took out the pill bottle. What were those for? Was he like her and building up immunities to drugs?  As he called her a child again the words hit deeper than she allowed to show. She had wanted so much for him to know what a good killer she was but she was nothing worth teaching in his eyes and it stung right in her chest.)

"That’s… that’s not true…" (Her gums bled from how hard she grit her teeth. She idolized him, knew every report of his kills and studied every body the public discovered so she could learn from him on her own. She had even attempted to copy his style a few times but she never got it quite right, cut too deeply or made a small mistake that ruined the whole thing. The only ones she had been able to imitate half as well were the bodies mutilated and brutalized beyond recognition.

She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but there was a distinct difference in certain bodies found. Most were neat but some were so messy it was clear the victim saw hell before they died. How could he produce such different results? It was impossible to imagine one man having such opposite results…. Unless. She stared at her lap, blinking and mentally pulling up every bit of information she knew about him. Rumours he had a partner… A copycat killer? No, not a copycat. Something about two killers but they were the same person?…

Standing suddenly and wrapping her arms around his jacket she hid her face against his torso. If he saw her as a child she’d use it to her advantage, starting to cry again and hugging him tightly. Behind his back she poured the pills from the bottle snatched from his pocket into her other hand.)

"I’m not a child… I just want to learn how to be better. I can’t cook, I can’t make anything. The only thing I know how to do is kill.." (She sobbed against him a while longer until she seemed to calm down and pulled her arms back, dropping the empty bottle back into his pocket. Clutching her hands over her chest she slipped the pills under the cut of her dress and into her bra.)

"Isn’t there anyway you could teach me? Please? I promise I’ll work hard."


Bandit knew that it wouldn’t be easy to make her understand for she seemed to convinced of her skills and he was sure that she wasn’t bad, she was just killing for the wrong purpose. She didn’t need to kill and that was what bothered him. Before he could even try to explain this to her however, he felt her body pressed against his, her face buried in his chest.

Emotional outbursts weren’t one of his specialities - not even close to it. So he just stood there, arms lifted as he waited for her to get the crying over with. This actually caught him off guard so much that he didn’t notice her snatching all his pills.

"That ain’t the end of the world. Ya’ young, you can still learn other stuff or at least learn how to use your current skills for a better reason." He reached into the drawer behind him and handed her a package of paper tissues.

"Like I already said, I’m not a teacher. I’m too busy to teach you anything so I suggest ya go home. I just can’t help ya."

It would take a little while for the pills effect to fade. As long as he didn’t do anything to trigger B’s mindset he would be fine for a while but that sure was not the case with the killing he was going to do tonight.

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I’m working on the character pages for the Underground members and everyone who’s joining now. For that I need a picture of your muse in kinda this size  It’s okay if it’s a bit smaller I just need the same proportions. Make sure that the picture has good quality!

(I just got this, shit. Do you want this still, dear?)

|[ Yes please ]|

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Harley continued petting him throughout the transformation, watching as the muscles beneath his skin rippled and contracted. By the time he was back to normal, she was holding him tightly. His pain caused her pain.

"Shh, it’s okay." She murmured softly, and ran her clawed fingers through his hair. "It’s okay… You’re fine, baby." She settled back and waited for him to come to his senses.

That had sounded beyond painful, and she had felt each scream like a knife through her chest. At least it was over, for now.

He was breathing heavily but despite the pain that was still running through every fibre of his body, her hands managed to calm him down a lot. Just her voice had such a soothing effect on him that he shortly after the transmation rose his head to look at her.

”..Harley?” He blinked, reaching out to touch her face gently. Then he moved his hand up to touch one of the black horns. He could guess what this was and it made him smirk tiredly. “..Heh.. Looks much better on you than my costume does on me.”

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