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Serial Killer

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It Makes No Difference Who We Are




She was halfway through turning around to head to the door when the shot was placed before her. She had no intention of drinking anything before going in, instead wishing to be completely sober for the transaction. Being new to the city, she was still unsure who to trust, and who to keep an eye on. Who knew who was secretly friends with the police?

"Thank you, but no," she declined, pushing herself away from the bar. Until she was sure that this was not some kind of set-up, she was not going to accept anything that had the possibility of poisoning her. Call her paranoid, but she had not reached this far along in her life undetected by pure luck.

Raine slipped through the crowd and pushed her way towards the hall, calmly walking down it. What kind of person was she to meet? If she said she wasn’t even a little bit excited she’d be lying. The idea of maybe being a part of something was a new challenge she had yet to accept.

Stopping in front of the dark door, she knocked a short beat onto it.

The Barkeeper simply gave a shrug, smirking to himself. He couldn’t blame her. He distrustfulness was actually a good trait, something that was needed for living and working in these streets. he would simply keep that shot for Bandit then - knowing very well that the Killer would never deny it.

"Come in."

The Killer was reading through a file of someone who had currently introduced themselves to him. Cy had found out quite a lot about them and now the killer had what he needed to decide what was going to happen. As his eyes fell on the unfamiliar face he guessed that he soon would be having more to read and put the file down.

"Lemme guess, you came here for a job?" That was usually the only reason someone would bother coming here if they weren’t part of the Underground already. Either that or for offering Bandit and his guy’s a job. It was all about work down here -..or so it seemed.

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Bikes and Bruises



Marik was so lost in admiring the work of art before him, taking a moment to even check the wolf art of a signature so he might find another like it somewhere that he didn’t even notice the heavy footfalls approaching or the looming shadow over him until a husky rough voice spoke. His fingers stilled but only for a moment before he pulled them back. Not turning to face or see who he was speaking to the Egyptian slowly stood, still staring at the beautiful bike.

"Yeah, she’s gorgeous and I ain’t smearing jackshit, paint jobs too good for that." His gaze wandered over her whole body slowly, trying to gauge what sort of man could and would ride this enchanting beast. She was sleek so whoever it was probably wasn’t the burly bearded bikers with bandanas around their heads he was used to seeing in highway pit stops and bars. Not too thin though, no she was built sturdy so the guy was no toothpick pretty boy collector riding around like she was something to show off his wealth.

So whoever was behind him was bigger than an average man but not a fatass and probably not too old but not young either. Not much to go on overall but it gave him a little something to work with, even if only to figure out his chances should fists fly. Kind of hard to tell by the shadow since the light distorted everything so the easiest way would just to turn around and see the other face to face. Moving his hands to the pocket on the front of his hoodie he turned slowly, just in case the other thought he was going for a weapon or something. Once he was facing Bandit however he frowned as all he saw was muscular chest, raising his head a notch to look up at the Killer’s face.

"….Shit."  Holy Ra this guy was huge, when the fuck did they start giving driving licenses to brick walls? Nah, calm down, bigger fuckers had thrown punches at him and he’d walked away alive. Okay limped away but the point was he wasn’t afraid of this guy, even if he was a scary mofo.

"You goanna keep standing there or are you goanna get out of my way? If you’re expecting an apology or some shit like that don’t bother, you can’t leave a beauty like her alone in a dirty alley and not expect her to get attention."

Bandit rose an eyebrow, an serious and unimpressed look on his stony features as he watched the hooded figure before him still staring at his bike. At least he had removed his paw - smart boy. However Bandit often took things like these too serious even though he was pretty laid back about most serious things. His girlfriend, his bike, his cigarettes and his liquor were off limits.

"I know that." He began, rolling the cigarette between his lips as if to keep himself calm and not convert into smashing heads in. "I should know - I drive her." He now lowered his gaze to stare into the others face as he had finally turned around. A pretty remarkable face - something you recognized quickly.

For a moment Bandit wondered why he had never seen this guy’s face around. Well the answer was quite obvious, because he was new in Domino or had returned to Domino. Either way he just got his ass back here - probably didn’t even know much about how the city had changed. At least he had a good taste in motorbikes, Bandit would give him that.

"Ah - so it’s my fault that I got mutts like you drooling all over her?" His eyebrow rose a bit higher as smoke slowly crawled out of his nostrils.


The Killers knuckle cracked as he balled his hand to a fist before relaxing his fingers again. He slowly leaned down to the other, blowing the smoke out so he could speak. “You seem like a smart boy that knows real beauty when he see’s it. Now be smart enough to apologize to her and we forget this whole thing.”

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Untitled roleplay with @banditkingakefia



The redhead followed Bandit into the hallway. She noted how dirty the capet looked and how many doors that was around. She held back her curiosety to open them and instead continued to follom him around. Her eyes scanned the area closely as they walked by while she kept a blank expression.


Then they walked through two big doors. She stopped when the man picked something down from a first aid kit. A single eyebrow arched up, but she then wrinkled her nose when her hands catched the little bottle with stuff inside. . Pills. Gods, she hated pills so much. Her fingers clenched around the box, but not to much. However, she listened to what he had to say about them, the others and about her. It sounded…threathening, but she didn’t feel scared. Lidela somewhat understood why he was saying that.

"That’s understandable….Hm. If the worst case scenario were to happen, if she comes out, what would you do?" She asked, more curiously than in a scared way, because she wasn’t. She had always gotten away when Madoki was being attacked….Perhaps her luck would run out sometime soon though?

"It depends on how she acts. Would she try to kill me or would she just start being unreasonable? It all depends on how your mind clicks." He spoke while he moved to the other side of the desk. "If she’d be a threat to me or my pack.. I would kill her along with you without hesitation." He could say that easily since it was nothing special and if she came here to join then she surely knew what she was getting herself into.

"So.. What usually happens when she comes out? Tell me everything you know and don’t leave out any details. In the meantime I will give you a lil’ scrap of information about the pills I gave you so you know what you’re taking there." He pointed at them before he began rummaging through some files.

He knew the feeling of being forced to swallow pills with no one telling him what actually was in them or what they did. He wouldn’t force her to take them but since he was taking them himself, he hoped they would help her as much as they were helping him.

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Dealing with the devil

The event that unfolded before her was defiantly nerve racking, all she found tell was that the man had touched some dancers? Well that’s what the bigger man said.
Shaking his head of the confusion the girl looked to the man who now held the door for her. Was he security or something?

Offering a small smile back the girl stepped into the bar without a sound, looking around with slight amazement.
Ah this reminded her so much of her old days.
Perking up a bit she turned to the man, hoping maybe he could help her.

"Um, excuse me, do you perchance know where I could find Bandit? A friend of mine told me I should talk to him."

He was about to walk past her after letting her in but stopped and turned to look down at the small female. “..Bandit eh?” He rose an eyebrow, a smirk slowly spreading across his features. “He’s standin’ right in front of ya.” He pointed at himself with a thumb before he turned fully towards her.

"What is it ya need to talk ‘bout, sweets?" Since they were close to the bar, Bandit decided to just sit down there  instead of waiting to get to his table. It wasn’t like he cared much where in this room he got his drink as long as he was getting it.

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imperfectcyborg sent:

She doesn't push him up against the wall, but she holds up a piece of paper with some black lipstick smeared out on it, looks like she kissed the paper . "That's a kiss."




He just stared at the paper for a couple of seconds before he looked back at her, an eyebrow risen. “…That’s nice?”


"…A girlfirend? So it means she belongs to you and no other, right?" She had heard the term before, but it sounded so bad. Belonging to someone. Wasn’t it like being tied down and never being allowed to move from that spot or being shut inside from other people. ..  L̨͇̱̪̤̩͎̠̝̞͘í̘̗͕͉͍̝̯̕͘ͅk̦̙̠͕͖e͇̠̯͇̖̠̤̕ ͕͎̙̗̞͟t҉̴̭͔͟h̦̜̞e̸̥̪̩͢͠ ̡̥̯́͝a҉҉͈͉̳s̯̭̣̹͚͜y͏̼̼̜͉͔l̢̨͔̺͉̦̮̤̰ų̡̰̰͉͔͙̠̟̼̯ḿ̯͍̮

"I doubt that I’ll find someone like that. Not that it matters."


He nodded. “Yeah, that’s exactly what it means.” He smirked before the smirk faded for an annoyed grimace as he thought of all the guy’s who thought they could simply ignore that fact.”It’s a mutual thing.” He added before he heard her reply. “Well you can never be sure about that. The future might surprise you.” Another shrug before he turned. “Gotta go - However you should stop that paper kissin’ thing. Just don’t do it at all if you ain’t comfortable with it.”

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My Devil Angel [ AU ]



The unnatural pigment moved from the ceiling to the servants surrounding him. They didn’t look too comfortable with the noises sinking down into the kitchens. Judging by the expression on their faces, he doubted they were going to move and find out just what was happening. They were all scared little cats.

The pale boy let his stone drop on the table and instead bony digits wrapped around the handle of one of the knives they were allowed to use. He wasn’t about to go upstairs without some kind of weapon to defend himself. It wouldn’t do for him to die today. He had so many more centuries to witness.

Ignoring the nervous shouts telling him to come back, he slipped out the door after looking both ways. It was everyone for themselves when their master was attacked. He cared for none of them, and didn’t consider them ever developing some kind of affectionate feelings towards him. It wouldn’t help them now, or later. He couldn’t be won over that easily.

Sandalled feet padded quietly against smooth ground, quickly finding the stairs and almost jogging up them. He was anxious. He wished to see what it was that had caused the noises, that had sent both slaves and guests screaming. Hopefully, it would be something worth while.

What he had only half-expected was the small puddle of blood that could be seen leaking into the hallway once he reached the top of the stairs. He slowed his movements and pressed himself against the wall, letting his gaze stay on the scarlet liquid glinting in the light. Thin fingers gripped the corner of the wall gently as he leaned and looked out, eyes widening in surprise at the sheer amount of dead littering the floor like used papyrus.

Then, the albino spotted the only moving man in the middle of the massacre. He was hardly distinguishable, but certainly not a guest. Who was he?

Once the last guard had escaped, covered in the blood of his comrades - the thief had moved back over to his table to grab the meat that was left there and to finish eating. He ripped the flesh off the bone quite savagely and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then he finished the water and slammed the cup onto the table. With only crumbs and bones left he made his way through the massacre. His feet were making squishing noises as he carelessly stepped on the organs and blood that were spread over the ground.

However the thief suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned his head to stare at the stairs and the counter that was beside it. His eyes narrowed as he concentrated and listened to every sound he could hear. The dripping of the blood, the sound coming from outside and…

  … Breathing.

He turned completely towards the counter, his feet kept splashing through the puddles of blood as he moved closer until he could place an hand onto the counter. He couldn’t see anyone yet but he could hear them, knew they were hiding there and even if it was just an innocent bystander.. It wasn’t like this fool would hesitate to hand him over to the guards if Bakurah was hiding.

With that thought and a low snort he reached behind the counter to grab the boy by his robe and to lift him off the ground so he could get a proper view of whoever had survived his attack.

"What do we have here? …."

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banditkingakefia sent:

BLACK |[ Just to watch Temmy die of shyness ]|



(you have to stop killing him like this lkesjdhgkdg)

"I…Bandit. You’re drunk right? I mean this is the only logical explanation unless. Oh…You’re color blind you thought it was a different color. THAT makes all the sense in the world." His face was on fire. How red could one get before they simply exploded? He felt like he was about to get the answer. 


He chuckled, his cheeks still flushed, but he hoped with the bad lighting, that just maybe the other wouldn’t notice. “Well if we don’t do SOMETHING, this is by far the worst date ever.” he teased, because it was Atem’s default when he was nervous.

"Besides you owe me something pretty." He rolled his eyes at the remark to show he was teasing, but he did want to stay out and spend some time out of the Underground with Bandit. 

"Guess I did." He rose his palms with a defeated shrug. "But I guess for that we better go to the research labs of Kaiba Corp. Bet you can find stuff there that’s more of ya interest." He smirked before he grabbed Atem, tossed him over his shoulder and jumped down the building with him.

Back on the ground , he let the other down and gave his shoulder a pat. “You gonna get used to this very soon, trust me.” He smirked, walking beside the other as they continued their way for the end of the evening

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Dealing with the devil


Why was she doing this again? Oh right Demon. It had all come back to her, her past and all the things she had done that had lead her with a criminal record traced to England.
She had told this all to her only trusted friend Demon who in turn told her she should talk to a certain man…

Erh. Bandit she thought his name was, that or some code name. The demonic being had pointed her in the direction or the bar owned by the so called Bandit.
Of course she was a bit uncomfortable, being looked at by others was not her cup of tea.
She had fixed her shorts as she stepped into the bar, giving the place a quick look before taking quick strides to the bar.
Did demon even describe him to her? Did she even tell him she was coming? This was confusing.

There was quite a noise coming out of the bar, mixed voices with the sound of a feral growl. As if someone had locked a wild animal into the bar. This was right before the door was slammed open and a man came flying out only to hit the wall on the other side of the alley. He was covered in bruises and his nose was bleeding as he groaned and slowly pulled his face away from the wall he had just hit.

Next came the culprit, stepping out of the bar with a rather unamused expression on his face. He blew some smoke, didn’t even seem to notice the little girl beside him as he growled. “I told you once I told you twice. The dancers ain’t bein’ touched.” Then he walked over to the man who tried to crawl away, only to place his boot onto his face.

"Next time I see you ‘round my bar I’m gonna spread your brain splatter all over this alley." With that said, he kicked the man into the direction of the exit where he gladly limped away.

As he turned to walk back into the bar he finally noticed the girl. He rolled his cigarette between his lips before a calm smirk appeared on his features. Grabbing the door he held it open for her and motioned her to get in.

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Bikes and Bruises


He heard it on whispers. Rumours, barely even believable ones at that about some criminal organisation looking for members. It sounded stupid, criminal gangs didn’t look for people to join if they were powerful, people sought them out on their own. At least that was how Marik thought it was meant to work. Reality was not so black and white as the movies and stories made it seem and at the end of the day the only reason a criminal organisation was any good at all was if no one thought it was real or even existed.

Worn out leather boots stomped down the alley, a black hoodie too large for him covering up his torso and pulled over his head to shadow his face. This alley smelled like piss and stale booze and the Egyptian grit his teeth, holding back a snarl as he thought of the guy who gave him directions tricking him into walking to a dead end for an ambush or some stupid shit like that. The bruises and blood, though that wasn’t his, on his knuckles had been his payment to get the information and he was not in the mood to go back and beat the dumb ass up all over again for some stupid trick. However after walking a few more minutes he came to the glowing green neon sign of Toxic, looking over the bar with his one good eye. This seemed to be the place so all he needed to do was walk in and ask for the boss or something and go from there. Fine, so long as he got a job, maybe some information that could help him find what he wanted.

Before he could enter the bar though he stopped, eye growing wide as his jaw visibly dropped. Oh sweet Ra… he was in love. Slowly stepping away from the door of the bar he approached her, slowly, not wanting to seem too eager. She was beautiful. Never had he seen such a perfect figure and the black cover over her only heightened her perfectly sculpted features.

"Oh.. Oh wow." whispering softly he crouched next to her, tilting his head and reaching out a hesitant hand to touch her. She was another man’s, he could tell just by how well she looked, how protected and cared for she was. Still, he couldn’t help but want to touch her, if only to admire what some other lucky bastard had managed to hoard from himself.

Slowly bronzed finger tips stroked over her black dress, smooth and gleaming in the neon light like it was made of silk. His gaze wandered lower, licking his lip nervously. What did she look like under? He couldn’t stop his imagination wandering and carefully reached down, stroking over her cool limbs until he felt the ridged grooved rubber of her front tire, brushing his hand against the bolts and screws holding her so sturdily together. He was seriously in love with this bike, so much he momentarily forgot why he had come here at all.

It was a cruel joke of fate that Bandit had been outside in exactly that moment. Helping some of his guys to unload some goods, he had parked his baby right in front of the bar. Usually he only did that when he knew he was going to hop on again to quickly drive back onto the streets. This time he had just waited and was about to put her into the garage where she would be save from all these greedy looks and fingers touching her —-

  —-  exactly like the ones that were now running over her black dress. The wolf that was stretching along it in white, snarling threateningly but of course even that did not keep some of these drooling fucks away from his baby.

The Killer took the cigarette from his mouth to blow some smoke as he watched the stranger crouch beside his bike and caress it like she was his. Oh he would teach him about touching another man’s bike like this. The two guy’s behind Bandit that had watched this exchanged worried looks before they made their way into the bar.

Bandit however walked over to the other, with heavy thuds coming from his own boots until his shadow covered the other completely with the Killer’s presence looming over him.

"Any reason’ you’re smearin’ your fingers all over my bike, pal?"

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Atem grinned laying waste to one vamp after another. With every kill Atem became more confident, until he was shooting with pro like precision. He unloaded a clip and quickly reloaded while still blasting the enemy. Wen the dust cleared literally there was nothing but teeth. Atem tilted his head. It was by far one of the strangest things he had ever seen in his life. 

"Trophies?" He asked biting his lip. "Alright." Atem figured he would put one on a piece of leather or something like a shark tooth. He took the bag that was tossed to him with a grin, tucking it into his pocket. His guns were back out in an instaant pointing at the remaining vamp. He grinned at Bandit after he took care of the problem. 

"A drink right now seems like a damn good idea." He said with a nod. "And you have got to teach me how to drive that thing." He said patting Bandit’s back. 

Bandt watched the last one die with a hole in its head and as the first rays of sunlight touched the roof, they began to fade into dust, leaving only teeth and bones behind. Bandit gave a rough chuckle at the others demand. “Well that ain’t that hard. Step one, get drunk and step two, do what comes naturally. That’s how I learned it.” He smirked down at the other, giving him a wolfish smirk before they got back onto the motorbike.

Driving on the street again proved to be much calmer, especially so early in the morning when no one else was on the streets. He loved those times when he could drive his baby on an empty street or highway.

As they were almost there, Bandit allowed his head to turn for a quick moment as he looked back at the other. “Good job up there, by the way.” He drove out of a building’s shadow and let the orange morning light illuminate them before the shadows of downtown engulfed the vehicle once more until it was parked in front of the bar.

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Applications, not apps.



Despite his gaze, her eyes wandered all around the room first, taking in everything as best she could. The recorder was the only feature as strikingly odd as its owner in the room. Eyes finding their way to Bandit once more, she felt the wave of familiarity from him, but found herself drawing a blank. After staring at him while he spoke, she realized she must have met him before her time with Zorc.

"In a way I did." She replied, looking him over, trying to find the memories of him that must be there if he remembered her. "But, time works differently where I was. So, you are Bandit. A regular modern-day king of thieves. I am sure you can guess why I would come here."

Stepping in, she closed the door behind her for a bit of dramatic effect. Inara only knew that this was where the best criminals went, but she assumed even the best of the best could use the help of a little magical freelancing.

"No idea what’ya talkin’ bout but yeah I can guess." He put his boots back down onto the ground and leaned his arms on the table, instead. He looked her up and down, pondering while he took  in her form. "Last time I met’cha you were barely able to protect yaself. What’s with the sudden change of heart to join an underground organization?"

He wasn’t being rude, just utterly honest. He had to be. There was no sugar coating things down here and it didn’t matter if she was an old friend or a stranger - he could to consider certain aspects about each pup that came scratching at his door wanting to join the big pack.

"I would lie if I would say that I’m trustin’ you girl. I don’t. Tell me everythin’ bout you there’s to know then tell me exactly why you wanna join."

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It Makes No Difference Who We Are


Dark colours caused it easy for her to slip by unnoticed. So many people were moving about that she wasn’t sure she would stand out if she had swapped her clothes for neon colours. Eyes darted about behind her sunglasses, observing those around her. None seemed to be clean, and everyone looked somewhat sleazy. Wonderful.

Her heels gave low clicks as she made her way across the road, hands shoved in her pockets. A few people looked up at her briefly as she passed, their gaze moving along her form before returning to whatever they were staring at before. The deeper into Lower Domino she got, the more she noticed the streets getting darker and narrower, the more stares she got.

She pushed her glasses further up her nose as they slipped. She knew it was harder to remember someone’s face if you couldn’t see their eyes. And she had no intention of people remembering her.

Raine stopped outside a building, tilting her head back to stare at the sign above the door. With a name like that, she wasn’t surprised it survived down here. She mouthed it silently, before quickly stepping to the side. The doors had opened and a rather drunk and angry man was forcibly removed.

The African woman watched for a moment with raised eyebrows before slipping past the trouble maker and what she could only call a bouncer. Entering the bar, she had to squint. Her glasses made it incredibly hard to see. She tilted her head so she could look over them, scanning the area. One of her clients had recommended coming to Toxic and speaking with the owner.


Moving in further, she walked towards the bar and leaned on it, trying to catch the barkeeper’s attention. After a moment, he finally came over. She pulled her glasses down a little, looking him in the eye.

"I’m looking for the owner. Where can I find him?"

The Barkeeper placed his cleaned glass down and wiped his hands with a cloth which he placed over his right shoulder once she called him over. He would never get used to seeing so many new faces in this bar lately. But since Bandit had a good reason for luring them all here, the man didn’t question it.

At her question, he rose a hand and pointed into the direction of a black door that was barely visible in the dark of the bar. “Down the Hallway, the last door. That’s his Office.” The Barkeeper gave her an amused smirk before he grabbed the freshly cleaned glass. “Perhaps you’d like a drink before you go in? The first one’s for free.” He spoke as he shoved the shot of whiskey over to her. She didn’t seem as nervous as the others but a quick shot never harmed and indeed helped to calm the nerves.

He wasn’t quite sure what Bandit was currently doing but since he was expecting newcomers he surely wouldn’t be bothered. Especially not when it was a pretty lady like her. For some reason Bandit got along better with women than with men.

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Meeting the Wolf (@banditkingakefia)



Bakura was surprised that the other as he got up. But he followed closely and listened to his words carefully.

"I can handle a test. I’m not afraid of anything you could throw at me."

He walked with the man, following him into the alley before nodding gently.

"I would assume the DPD gives you quite a bit of trouble. It didn’t occur to me about other gangs. But there would be a fair amount of trouble there too."

He faced the other, face set now as he steeled himself for whatever was to come.


"Just tell me where and what and I’ll steal whatever I need to in order to prove to you that I have the skills for this."

He stopped as they reached three factory buildings that seemed connected. All abandoned for work reasons but that didn’t mean that they were really abandoned. Bandit watched some men that were guarding the entrance, could already hear the voices in there.

"Very well." He dropped his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it before the killer moved forward, around the entrance to get to the back of the factory. "Old car factories, they use them now to build weapons and cook meth. Useless scum that serves no purpose - no one need ‘em." He stared up the wall, looked at the pipes that were slithering upwards, then the Killer crouched down and with a high jump he reached the pipe and climbed up the building on he was on the rooftop where he could look through the glass ceiling into the factory were he could take a closer look at all the gang members working or hanging out.

"Seems like we got a full house today."

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thevampireofyokaiacademy sent:

"H-Hi there.."






"Yes, that and killing whoever’s in your way." He put the drink down. "Speaking of which, I used to hunt down your kind. They infected this entire city before I came here."

Moka almost choked on her drink as she coughed setting it down and she looked at him “w-what! they infected everyon here?!” she was shocked she had no idea there were vampires around here

"Yes, by biting them. That’s what you guys do isn’t it?" He rose an eyebrow, pointing at his own teeth. "Goin’ around and turning people into ghouls or other vampires."