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[ Currently in Prison ]

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☠ ~ ♥♣ ₢iminal’s Carnival ♢♤ ~ ☠



Ryou’s senses were being completely assaulted. Everything smelt like blood and rot, the singing continued to daze him, and everywhere he looked he was bombarded with the most horrific images.

As they walked on, and the officer was shown the varying ‘acts’ he was reminded distantly of a certain killer’s ‘art work’, the poetry behind the gore was clear… a sick irony, a cruel fate.

Every now and again he had to turn away, unable to face what was being shown to him. He gagged at some displays, finding them completely repulsive. Other’s he felt a heavy pang in his chest, feeling helpless and unable to save any of the twisted or mangled showcases…

When they got to the doctor, he physically recalled and turned away. He breathed heavily through his mouth in an attempt to calm himself down.

Bandit’s continued singing was sending chills down his spine, and he couldn’t escape it…

But before he knew it, he was being dragged away again. He had no time to reflect, no time to remorse.

He was thrown into a pit of conflicting images, then forced to simply walk through, unable to help…

Eventually they managed to pass the gruesome acts coming from the tents  around them as the Ringleader urged Ryou to walk further, right towards the devil’s maw in the big tent. The Toxic sign flickering in anticipation to Ryou’s arrival while tormented, sick eyes followed his every step even as he had passed them by them.

Bandit smirked and kept his hand on Ryou’s shoulder while they walked. Almost like their past had been wiped out, they were on a complete new area here - records deleted. He was the Ringleader of a twisted Carnival, Ryou his costumer. Now that was quite the difference to their criminal - officer relationship. or was it not?

Fa la la! It’s off to hell we go! Cross your heart and hope to die! It’s off to Hell we go!”

As soon as these words passed Bandit’s lips, the devil’s maw opened completely, stopping here and there as the clockwork mechanic failed their purpose before they were forced to continue working. Shadows were dancing within the tent, shadows moving in circles in a green glowing light, green flames shot up around them, torches that were stuck into the ground now guiding the path in a ghoulishly way.

Around Bandit the poor souls that had been disfigured in the most grotesque way began to join his sing sang, moving to the rythym of the music while their claws, fingers and whatever was left of limbs - where stretched towards the Officer.

Fa la la! It’s off to hell we go! Off to hell we go!”

And with one last step, Bandit pushed Ryou into the tent and entered it behind him. With a raise of his hand - he silence the crowd and caused the shadows to disappear. An amused smirk on his lips as he looked down at Ryou.

"You see.. This the Underground Carnival. We aim to entertain. Are you entertained, Officer?"

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"Yeah I can! We can work out together and I can help get info on whoever!"

"How should we work out together? Have you ever worked out?" He looked the other up and down, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh…well…kind of…I mean I got muscle from work but no special work outs…"

"Alright.. However. I can work out better when I’m doing it on my own. So why don’t you sit down in front of the tv and wait while I’m busy?"

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Cuddles against his arm. "No it's okay, I'm just so glad you're all better. We can play now right? It doesn't have to be a dumb kids game!"



"Yeah, sure. I don’t see why not. I got some time at my hands anyway."



"Good! Let’s play with my tarot cards and I’ll tell your fortune! I haven’t played with any occult items lately." Whips out her favorite deck and waves it at him.

"Ain’t you a little too young for fortune tellin’?" He tilted his head at the girl and her rather strange hobbies.

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*waddles over, wrapped up in a thick coat, gloves, scarf and chulo, and tugs on his jacket* Mister?




Lowering the newspaper upon the tug he stared at the child for a few seconds, simply raising an eyebrow until he actually spoke up. “Where did you come from?”


"What do you mean? She has to be around somewhere." As soon as they had stepped out the door, he looked around. Up and down the street but of course there was no one around. Did someone just drop the kid off to get rid of him? It happened often around here..

He shook his head again, cuddling up close to the adult. He knew his mother wasn’t there, but somehow felt as if she should be. It was weird, to think that it was too early for her to go. He was confused. What was going on?

Bandit was just as confused as the boy but it couldn’t hurt try to find his mother. After all, no one knew this town better than Bandit did. So he made his way through the shady alleys, past even shadier , little stores. But after two hours of searching and asking around, he eventually ended up in Toxic, sitting at the bar with a glass of whiskey while he bought the child a glass of soda. “I don’t get it.. It’s like his mother left the city or disappeared or somethin’ “

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[you guys have no idea how much I love you all Q.Q]

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|[ You're the prettiest sheep out of the whole flock and I actually don't wanna eat you cause your geepy officer is just perfect and lovely and fun to torment ]|


:: Thank you for not wanting to eat me <3 I-… it means a lot, man. And in a strange, strange way I think the officer is maybe, kind of, a little bit glad to have Bandit around. Maybe. ::

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thebunnymun sent:

I only know of one Pegasus rp account- but I can't think of url. I don't think it's been active lately. But yes, that would be cool to see.


Well, maybe someday - someone’s gonna make one. And I’ll be here to rob that person of their time.

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I've never RPd with you before, and I would really love to sometime in the future because I think your muse is wonderful and beautifully played so c: keep doing what you do


|[ Thehe, I enjoy this blog way too much to stop yet.  o◡O Message me up whenever you’re ready to rp and we gonna have some fun ~ ]|

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[I don’t know how to tell you how much I love Bandit so I’ll just say: ]image

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Imagine what would happen if B and Peggy met. I see them talking about their fandoms, lol. B talking about Joker and Deadpool and Peggy talking about that Rabbit. :D


I never thought about that. That would be fucking amazing, now where is a Pegasus when you need one?

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Anonymous sent:

Oh bandit! My favourite muse that I started interacting with! I remember back when you did a drawing for every ask you did and even then the portrayal was great! You've started perfectly and you are still going perfectly! I love how terrifying B is and how good Bandit is to his friends! Especially love the wolf pack of Underground and everything in it! Love you, dear~


|[ You have been following me since then? You deserve a price for sticking with me for so long!ಥ_ಥ ]|

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[schlong is supposed to be Snake but idk if that is spelt right…it’s what our teacher told us to use but yeah…]

|[ it’s ‘Schlange’ and not ‘schlong’ .. ugh, I fucking hate that word. Sends nasty shivers down my spine ]|

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Character portrayal: *pants flying away*

|[ Wanna see a magic trick? ..I will make those pants.. Disappear. … TA DA! They’re…. Gone!  ]|

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thebunnymun sent:

I could see Bandit meeting a Pegasus. They would either get long, or not at all. Either way I think Pegasus would not take Bandit seriously at all. It would be very funny to see.


Yes! That’s what I think. I think his classy, snobbish behaviour would annoy Bandit to no ends. I’d love to do a rp like that, you have no idea.

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Anonymous sent:

Bandit's character is a brilliant example of researching to form a well executed character. Your knowledge of criminology and psychology is well used to create a realistic portrayal of a serial killer - considering the whole split personality scenario, that's pretty impressive.


|[ The hours of research I’ve put into this fella. Obsessions and muses - they go hand in hand, I’m telling you ♥ I’m still developing though, you can never learn enough! ]|