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my friends just surprise bought me the full WoW game

my friends just made me cry

my friends are lovely 

// I posted this on my personal but I have like 20 followers on there and honestly I want to show everyone how great my friends are right now. So yeah, naming and shaming my  lovely dorky friends who did this lovely thing for me <3

Thank you guys





imagine your icon trying to be your parent for a week

"I’ve got a strange and noisy bag of flesh and bones that is thusly dubbed ‘annoying child’… . Would you like to watch him for a day?"

Cue dropping said child onto cannibalmariku's lap. Cue deadpan unenthused expression of gratitude and Hatred fleeing the scene.

Cue the child is banditkingakefia of all children xD

Nothing bad can come of this.

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Harley had expected the asylum to be on lock down; to be an impenetrable fortress. She’d expected complex electronic locks and steel doors – expected to use all the information Cy had given her, and then need more.

Instead, the back door had been unlocked. It opened as soon as she touched it, and revealed a corridor that was completely empty. There were no guards, no staff, and it was far too easy.

Everything about it screamed ‘trap.’

But she didn’t falter. Instead she walked in with her head held high, her fingers brushing over her gun to remind her that it was there. In her other pocket, she had a small remote. It was something Cy had given her, that would cause one of the generators to overheat and set off alarms. If she needed to get out, that was her best chance. She doubted that she would be able to walk out as easily as she had walked in.

However, it wasn’t as simple as being left to find her own way through the sterile white halls – oh no. Some doors were sealed so well that even the override key Cy had given her didn’t work, while others were either ajar or unlocked. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that she was being led through the asylum, like a mouse through a maze.

The smell of hospitals turned her stomach, but this was worse. She knew what this place was, and it felt like she was constantly on the verge of bringing up bile. Every footstep echoed down the vacant corridors, leaving her with no other sounds.

Eventually Harley reached the end of one, and came to a set of unlocked double doors. She pushed them open and saw a staircase, with the option to go up or down. She needed no guidance here – she simply started heading down into what might as well be the depths of Hell…

Hell would have been rather fitting if this place wouldn’t be so cold. It was cold enough to even let someone’s breath become visible in the air and only one single hallway lead past many doors towards an underground laboratory. On every door was a warning sign - constantly making sure that everyone who ventured this hallway - would feel as threatened by this floor as the inmates that disappeared down here.

            THE     BLACK    WARD

A ward that did not exist. In none of the books, in none of the official files. This place was marked as a ‘research lab’ but of course Anderson and a few of his chosen assistants knew why this place was called the black ward. It was a ward for inmates, that were probably not making it out alive and erased from history.

 Within the laboratory where all lights out, only the content humming of a machine was audible within the blackness, along with the beeping of a heart rate monitor . The devices lead towards a contraption in the middle of the room. Many wires and pipes were coming together there while the contraption stood tall in the room, holding its prisoner stuck in a cold embrace.

The child didn’t seem awake for her was not moving. His head was slumped down to his chest and his eyes hidden by the white hair that fell into his face. Only the heart rate monitor was proof that the child wasn’t dead like it appeared to be.

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"Akefia, Twitchy has some bread for you." Knocks on his cell door.



   “I’m not hungry.” He was leaning against the door, staring at the ground.



"Twitchy isn’t going anywhere." He knew that Akefia wanted him to leave him alone, but he wasn’t going to go anywhere. Akefia spent too much time alone as it was, and having Tou as your only company didn’t sound ideal at all. 

Akefia snorted. No matter what he did Twitchy just didn’t leave him be! He scowled at his hands, since he was unable to make Twitchy leave unless he opened that door and forced him but he couldn’t do that to the only person in here that was interested in him as a person and not as a test subject. He sighed and buried his face in his arms. He wanted to let the other in but he couldn’t. Not with him watching..

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I n f l u e n t i a l



His smirk slipped, dark lips hiding his gleaming white teeth. His yellowing eyes stared at the child blankly, looking like a thoroughly disappointed teacher or parent.

"It never has been easy," he sighed and stood up tall, using his height to tower over the boy - no matter the fact the kid was tall for his age.

"Your kind have always been persistent. Determined, hard working, stubborn,” he listed it all off, raising a hand and flicking it to the side in gentle dismiss.

There was an attitude of familiarity between him and the boy, as if he had had this argument a thousand lifetimes before.

"You’ll deny me, you’ll fight on your own. Your lone wolf persona, one you have been so  v e r y  proud of,” he rolled his eyes, looking bored, “but years later you’ll need me. There will be someone to avenge, something to protect, something that contradicts how alone you want to be… and then you’ll   n e e d   me,”

He leaned forward, and grabbed the boys collar, nails scratching into the metal device.

"But by then, the stakes will be higher and I will ask for much more than your loyalty. So, little pup, how about we cut out the middle man this one time and you just give yourself up. I don’t want to confuse or hurt you…

                you already have o n e voice in your head,

                                                  we needn’t add a n o t h e r    9 9 . “ 


As the other towered over Akefia, he felt more than just the man’s shadow on him. It was like his sheer presence emanated darkness that caused the lights to flicker and his shadow to expand until it had swallowed every bit of light in the room. The boy looked around in confusion before he was grabbed, forced to stare into two - poisonous eyes, glowing slightly in the dark of his face.

He felt the metal cut into his neck as he was lifted by the device - his feet dangling slightly off the ground while his hands came up to grasp the other’s wrist in an attempt to make him let go.

  “Ngghrr..” The boy gave a quiet growl, baring his teeth out of
      instinct but of course this would not intimidate his attacker.

       He tried to speak, defy the man but no word could he
         squeeze out of his throat. In his panic he tried reaching
   for the man. Perhaps to hurt him perhaps to just make him
        let go first - while he felt something ominous growing
                 in the air.

With a shaking hand the boy reached out to the devil   His hand managed to reach for the man’s shoulder and
           within the blink of an eye - the darkness withdrew itself.
 Shadows coiled away from the hand and did not dare to get close.

The boy had nothing special about him, he was still struggling in the demon’s grip - still refusing and trying to safe his mortal soul. Only the fact that the darkness had a hard time accepting him seemed to be an advantage for the kid..

"You can’t —-
                   — have —
                                   — My soul “

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( I have a confession… this whole time… the has been…

A bat.

You have been rping and talking to a bat.

Have you ever wondered why I type so shitty on Skype? it’s because of this really long jankie as thumb. I am so sorry. I know I can never make up for my lies deceptions. You do not need to forgive me. Father I have sinned.

*Flies away and smacks into a window before falling out said window* goodbye cruel world. )

|[ You mean that was a secret? ]|

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Pivotal Perspective



"You don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to," he kept his voice even and calm, "if you want me to take you away from here, I will. If you want to stay, we’ll just talk here."

He managed a smile, soft and small, but certainly a smile.


"I hope you will be ok with just talking?" he knew he couldn’t let this chance slip, the chance to see how Bandit worked, to see how he had been as a child, and maybe find out more about the horrors of what Anderson did.

If he could find out something vital… maybe he could finally find the nail that would seal the crazed doctors coffin. 

Akefia didn’t have enough trust to belief that the stranger could get him out of here, just like that. So he took the second option. “Okay.” He nodded, still leaning against the wall while he looked the man’s attire up and down. He had seen people with clothes like this around before but this man acted differently.

Cold indifference emanated from the others who walked these halls with stony features. He had a face that showed lots of expressions and even if Akefia was bad at reading them, it made him trust Ryou a bit more than he’d trust others who came in here. “We can talk then.”

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An Arm-full Of Trouble



A long silence seemed to fill the room, the sounds of outdoors appearing to vanish from existence, leaving the two in blissful nothingness.  As the little one lay against her, happy enough to receive the embrace, Mel pulled back just enough to look into his face, to which she offered a small smile, tears falling now.  

He was safe from the outside world as long as he stayed by her side.  She would take as long as was needed for the spell to wear off to look after him.  Feed him, wash him, clothe him, play with him.  She would do everything a mother would do for her child.  It was a strange notion, considering that this was Bandit, but Bandit had never had a childhood.  He’d never gotten to go for ice cream on warm days or snuggle up by the fire with a bedtime story during a storm.  Mel didn’t know how long he would stay like this, but she would make sure to make it the happiest time of his child-life.

"Do you like to draw, Ba—.. Akefia?" She asked, her voice a little croaky before she wiped her eyes and cleared her throat.  "I have a few colouring pencils and some empty scrapbooks.  Would you like to draw some pictures for me in the kitchen while I do a little cleaning?"

It didn’t occur to Mel that he could be watching.. that he could be talking to Bandit right now, telling him all sorts of disgusting things.  Mel didn’t even know what age Bandit was when he started talking to B’.. she knew she would have to be very careful.  But for now, she hoped her words and actions would be enough to fall like a soothing mist over his tortured flesh and mind.


As he looked at her face, he rose an eyebrow in confusion. Why was she crying? He couldn’t understand the fact that Mel’s empathy was strong enough to cry for Akefia who had a hard time shedding tears but that fact just did not occur to him - his very own sense of compassion just seemed neglected or almost non existent which made it hard for the boy to understand Mel’s emotional outburst.

"To..what?" He looked at her, now obviously calmer that the whole doctor incident was dealt with but many things were still a mistery to him. Not even drawing was something he had done or was used to. Only by thinking far back he remembered watching Twitchy draw who drew many times. Very often Akefia would watch - try to understand what  all those lines meant but often he would just end up watching Twitchy draw nonsense.

"Oh, draw." He pondered for a moment, then nodded. Despite his wound, he did not like staying in bed at all. He wanted to move around, discover a little and watch this woman for the things she did were rather odd but it seemed like he could learn. So he followed her downstairs.

B however only had his own goals in mind. One of them was to get little Akefia to leave and make his own way through the city. The being had never seen much of the city itself but it knew that people lived there and people meant only one thing - an opportunity to murder.

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swat-team-marik sent:

"What the heck? You can't be Bandit... There has to be some mistake here.... Are you alright, kid?"



Again with that weird nickname. By now he guessed that it was an insult or a joke that spread through the Asylum.He was not in the mood to be mocked right now. “Everything is fine..”



"Yes, see you. I… It’s something I can’t even explain…" He sighed a bit, still confused by the situation at hand. "Where do you belong? Certainly not in a place like this… You’re young… You should be having fun and living life in the outside world, not kept inside her like an animal… Do you want to be in here?"

Akefia shook his head. Of course not, he couldn’t imagine that anyone would enjoy being here. He had a thought that he belonged somewhere else but it wasn’t like he could change a thing about it. He was here to stay.

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candy-coated-canni sent:

"Bandit? You're tiny! What gives?"



"… Who’s Bandit?"


"Because, Akefia, my friend is like family to me, and if she were to be hanging around a madman, she could be in danger. And for me, when people threaten the safety of my family, I have to act, cause while friends can hurt you, family will always be there for each other. So its important to keep your family close and safe!" He explained, hoping this information would be the kind the kid kept in mind when he grew up, "I mean, don’t you have a really close friend? A friend you’d do anything for? That you’d do so much to keep them safe?"

He listened closely, having a hard time following before it was his turn to be asked and that just made him frown again. The only person he could consider a friend inside this Asylum was Twitchy but he had never made an effort to be his friend, unlike Twitchy did. “I think I do but I’m not sure.” He rubbed his neck. “So you protect each other and now you’ve come to safe her?”

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Demon stood behind the mirror watching in mild interest as they seemed to be speaking and then… the blood bath hit she watched as the boy let lose on the male, hitting each spot with precision, aiming for each kill spot with ease “Well brat your more interesting than I thought” she spoke before realization hit her… “I have to0 fucking clean this up and my fucking tattoo gun will be covered in this punks blood, damn it” she mumbled seeming more annoyed than anything.

turning the machine off she headed out of the room threw the door way looking upon the mess looking over the dead male in the chair fluids gushing everywhere, her hands going to her hips “I hope you know you are going to clean this shit up” she walked over , slipping slightly on the blood, slipping on a pair of gloves she reached into his pocket and took the guys wallet out “Hmm he had a platinum card” she spoke before taking the cash he had and stuffing it into her back pocket. grabbing the bodies face she inspected the work done “Not bad brat” she spoke before walking to the front turning the sign to closed and the lights off

"Alright now one put the gun down onto the counter and two your little ass is going to help me get rid of this thing, you ever cut a body apart?" she asked as she begun removing the mass amount of metal that was in his face "Can clean these with some solution and resell them" she looked to the boy "The fuck are you just standing there for put the gun down and go grab a knife from the back room and under the sink is a mallet"

She spoke as she removed the piercing, grabbing for a bag that had a biohazard sign on it “Cut em up stuff him in the bag then drive it to the dumping site by the river” she spoke sounding from experience “Then you and me are gonna have a long as talk about this brat”

Once he was done he had walked a few steps back to admire his work before he quickly grew bored of it. He had expected the woman to scream or yell or freak out but this woman was different than the other people around this place. He did not have as much experience with murder as he would have liked, all the boy knew was how to kill - the rest of the process had not been dealt with yet.

"We cut him into pieces and stuff him into these bags?" He smirked and walked up beside her to watch her a little. "I can do that. I wanna do that!" He greedily grabbed the saw she had brought along with the plastic bags then he went to also take a knife for smaller cuts. Once she had the bags ready he began sawing the limps off. A first he was a bit clumsy, then he did it properly and cut piece by piece apart and placed it into the bag.

Despite the fact that the insane boy was uncontrollable in a state like this, he quite seemed to enjoy himself and actually did what he was told without even realizing.

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The not so great but okay escape.



(She smiled softly as he slowly relaxed in her hold, his small body becoming less rigid and even leaning into hers a little after a while. She couldn’t believe he’d never been hugged before, never known how gentle and warming another persons touch could be. It was saddening but at least she was helping him make a start. Or at least she thought she was until he pushed her away, stumbling back in confusion. Had she hugged too tight? Was he panicking from the unknown gesture?


No, no it was much worse than that. She could only watch in horror, wanting to help him but her instincts keeping her from getting closer to the shock collar that was sending powerful volts through his small body. He, he was being punished for a hug? And such a cruel punishment too, it baffled and sickened her at the same time. As soon as the shocks were over she stepped closer, not touching him as she was certain he wouldn’t be wanting physical contact any time soon after such a terrible experience.

She stared at the blood dribbling from his nose and the small twitches his body gave as the electrical shock wore off and his muscles relaxed again. Something in the back of her mind seemed to crack, her eyes clouding with a yellow tint over her brown irises and the whites of her eyes darkened.The tone of her voice shifted up and down slightly, from high to low and normal randomly.)

"How do we get that collar off?”

(She didn’t need to ask who put it on him, everything was awfully clear now and all her stupidity about wanting to give Anderson the benefit of the doubt would of made her scream at herself if she wasn’t feeling so oddly.. cold right now. The change in her eyes vanished with a blink and the feeling lessened but she could still feel it waiting below the surface of her emotions. Strangely she was okay with it.)

"I’m sorry… that’s not what’s supposed to happen. Hugs aren’t… they’re not something to be hurt for…I’m sorry.."

He was panting, on his knees and still shaking a bit from the aftermath of the shock. As he had calmed down, he placed his palms onto the ground and took a deep breath. Her question made him look up again, exhaustion written all over his features as he dared to touch the device again. “I don’t know.” He mumbled with his next breathe. “I have this since I woke up.”

He noticed her change in voice, the way her eyes looked and how there was something feral now obviously in the air around her. He could sense it but he did not ask - just observed carefully and silently. As the change vanished, the boy averted his gaze and got back up onto his feed, still stumbling a little as he did so.

He shook his head to stop her apologizing. She wasn’t at fault here anyway. “I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not allowed to do that but I did it anyway.” He rubbed his neck, it was still aching with a few burn marks on them but those would probably disappear again soon. He was almost having fun, chasing her just to poke her once. It was amusing but reality wasn’t like that. You did not chase something to poke it, you chase to kill.

"I better bring the cat to the doctor." Like a beaten dog, he moved down the hallway again, motioning into the darkness so she would know where he was going.

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candy-coated-canni sent:

"Bandit? You're tiny! What gives?"



"… Who’s Bandit?"


"Hmmm? Me? Well, I was looking for someone cause a friend of mine is pretty obsessed with trying to convince me he’s a good guy, so I was gonna watch him to see for sure, but I got lost a bit…" He explained.

"Why does he need to convince you?" The boy seemed a tad more interested in the conversation now. Ethical things confused the boy so he was always curious and willing to learn about them.

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An Arm-full Of Trouble



Oh . .


All the stories she’d heard about the asylum, all of the horrific things she’d heard about the mad doctor.. they were coming to life, right in front of her.  She was experiencing the torment of young Bandit first-hand.  Her breath caught in her throat and she was sure she’d vomit right onto the carpet.  

Instead, she opened her mouth to speak, but no sound followed.  Just the mouthed word ‘Bandit’ as a pained sigh.  Now that she thought about it, this boy wouldn’t even know the name Bandit.  He had no idea who Mel was.  So he had no idea what he would grow up to be.


It could have been grey-face magic, to set him back in time like this, to erase his memories.  She began to wonder if time itself had been turned back to set them into this piece of horrid history.  Mel only prayed that it was temporary.

… But on the other hand, if he had a different upbringing. . under the care of a friend… maybe he would have a better life.  Maybe he wouldn’t have to become the King Killer, whose life was constantly on the line.  Maybe he could go to school and make an honest life for himself.  Mel never questioned Bandit’s ways and respected him as a friend and as her boss.  But seeing him as a frail, terrified child… it was just so different.  So incredibly unbelievable.

Her arms coiled around his tiny body as a protective shell, and she pulled him carefully against her to hold him tightly.  He would probably oppose to the close-contact, but Mel could think of nothing she wanted more than to just hug this poor, tortured friend.

"I won’t call the doctor.  I won’t call him.  Please don’t cry," she did the pleading now, knowing that her words were spoken to calm herself as well as him.  She could feel her eye prickling with tears but she couldn’t shed them now.  She had to be a strong protector for Bandit as long as he needed it.  
Nothing’s gonna harm you, darling..  Not while I’m around.”

He had frowned, thought of a way out and so he didn’t notice the look on her face as the truth was finally revealed to her. He wouldn’t have known anyway. Everything he had known about Mel, the way he had met her. It was all gone and now she was just a stranger who was able to feel for him like they had known each other for a long time. The hug caught him off guard but he didn’t push her away as he felt that the embrace was lose and not tight enough to keep him in place. She wasn’t holding him stuck, she was doing.. Something else.

He turned his head as it was resting on her shoulder in order to look at her face. She sounded as pained as he did a moment ago and even if tears only appeared on his face when things got too much - he understand the notion behind her words. He wished he could believe her like that but something told him that she did not have the power to keep him from harm.

He rested his head on her shoulder and frowned with his arms hanging from his side. He let her hug him, waited. Right now he was just glad that she decided not to call the doctor.

In the right corner of the room, he saw his invisible friend standing. Arms folded while he bared his sharp teeth with an amused smirk. He had a plan unlike Akefia and he never ever seemed afraid of anything. If it got too much, he was there to help him. Akefia was glad to have him around - watching over him like a guardian.

This woman obviously had good intentions but good could be faked to hide peoples true natures. He wasn’t as naive as to think that he was saved now. For now, he was relieved an wary with his guardian keeping an eye not only on Akefia but also on her.